Nature’s scents / Aromas da Natureza

For all my life I have been healed one time and another with teas and herbs in my mother’s vegetable garden, In there many times we see a new plant grow, which we at first dont know what is, but with time it will tell us why it is growing there. Sometimes I hear my mother say this is a weed and we have to take it away, for some days later she tell me that she found a use for it. The times I needed a doctor, it would be a homeopath or a natural healer, and so I naturally developed a quest in natural and holistic health, which I trust with my heart, added with knowledge acquired with time.

Nature works in balance and for balance.

I have learnt theory and practice of Aromatherapy and what I enjoy most is having a garden in which I can walk and feel the scents of nature; we can learn to intuitively know the role each plant has in our existence. It is the same with food: it is the best medicine and there is not much thought required to know why we need to eat certain foods. The greatest health problems in our society are because of the exceess of foods that actually do not add what we need to function properly within our bodies.

For the times we dont have a garden, we will be directed intuitively and naturally to the forms of which plants  in oil or dry leaves and seeds will solve our issues.

You can contact me via email if you have interest in learning a particular natural solution for Food and natural herbs, teas, and organic food, essencial oils, and cosmetics. I cannot prescribe, only guide in the best direction.

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